Savor the Season

Basket of produce

Many of us look forward to visiting our local farmers market. Bringing home the bounty of fresh vegetables can make meals more appealing and better tasting. Who doesn’t enjoy sampling some of the fresh treats vendors offer?

How do you know how to pick the best bell pepper or Brussels sprouts? If you’ve never cooked kale, how do you know if you eat the stem, or how to best store it at home?

Put aside your fear — look for Savor the Season recipe and preparation cards when shopping at your favorite farmers market. From the Land of Kansas, an agricultural trademark program, and Kansas Farm Bureau have partnered to bring selection, storage and preparation tips directly to families who want to enjoy Kansas-grown produce.

Each card includes a recipe and nutritional information along with storage, nutrition and kitchen tips for things like peppers, kale, Brussels sprouts, onions and spinach.

“We understand many shoppers want to put fresh fruits and vegetables on their tables. Our Savor the Season cards take the guesswork out of trying new ingredients,” says From the Land of Kansas. “The featured recipes are also versatile and easy; they are great for entertaining, family meals or on-the-go lunches."


You can also find the recipes and tips below.