Meet a Farmer

  • The Franklins

    Meet Tim Franklin and wife Kat, farmers from Goodland, Kansas. 

  • The Scotts

    Meet Sara Scott and her husband  Travis, ranchers in Montgomery County, Kansas.

  • The Sawyers

    Meet Derek Sawyer, a fourth-generation Kansas farmer, and his wife Katie, a journalist and the publicist for  Sawyer Land and Cattle. 

  • picolet_oatfedbeef

    Ranchers Feed Cattle Oats for Health Benefits

    In the 1980s and ’90s, Quaker Oats ran commercials featuring actor Wilford Brimley and the slogan, “It’s the right thing to do and the tasty way to do it.” Although they were talking about oatmeal in the commercials, one Kansas family stands by that slogan in a surprising way: how they raise their...

  • High Bar Cattle Company

    Meet a Female Rancher

    Imagine it’s late spring in Kansas. A 150+-year-old farmhouse sits on a ranch nestled among large maple trees and a creek. Peppered throughout lush, green pastures are red cows eating grass to their hearts’ content while they await the arrival of their baby calves in the fall. Now add to that...

  • Jacquelyne Leffler feeds cattle

    Consumers making direct connections with farmers, ranchers during pandemic

    If there’s a silver lining in the COVID-19 pandemic for Kansas farmers and ranchers, it may just be in the new connections they’re forging with consumers. Growers with the ability to sell directly to the public believe the virus is forever changing the nature of food buying. 

  • Brandi's daughter with cattle

    How COVID-19 is Affecting Cattle Farmers and Ranchers

    A lot can change in just a few short weeks. A month ago, our nation’s citizens were flitting about to school functions, filling restaurants and were cautiously unfazed by COVID-19. Fast-forward to mid-April and the entire nation is under stay-at-home-orders, restaurants are shuttered and there is a...

  • n95 mask

    Kansas couple’s single N-95 mask a ‘snapshot of humanity’

    The smallest things have the biggest impact precisely because they are beautiful, selfless, giving. For all he’s seen over the past few weeks, the donation of a single N-95 mask could have easily been overlooked by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Instead, it made a lasting impression.

  • Dairycattle

    Covid-19 creates uncertainty at Kansas dairies

    Dan Wiebe and his wife Kerry milk about 100 cows each and every day on the last remaining dairy farm in Butler County. The Wiebes have watched a “fairly good” milk market fall off a cliff over the past few weeks as Covid-19 upended the industry with the closure of restaurants and schools.

  • Cooking with a Rancher During Quarantine

    If you’ve been to a grocery store in the last month, you might be wondering, “Where’s the beef?” Meat shelves have been relatively bare the past six to eight weeks and you might be confused as to why there’s not more meat in the case – especially if you have seen posts circulating Facebook that...

  • MCMeatCo ground beef

    Western Kansas rancher provides beef to local grocery store

    Lettie McKinney of Johnson City believes in failing forward. When she initially tried to sell beef cuts to her local grocery store, they told her they couldn’t because they weren’t able to accommodate buying the entire cow. Two years later, the same grocery store approached McKinney to provide beef...

  • Hay at Brandi Buzzard Frobose ranch

    Ranch Work in the Summer

    A few weeks ago, we hauled our cows from our ranch to the summer grass we lease so our home pastures can rest and grow for haying. The cows will spend five months grazing on vast grass pastures while they gestate their soon-arriving baby calves. The ladies will come back to our ranch around the...

  • Wheat Harvest Signals Start of Summer in Kansas

    Austin Moore’s wheat harvest ended in late June on a perfect day for cutting. A steady breeze, plenty of blue sky and low humidity meant the Woodson County farmer could roll through the last field of golden grain. The only issue Moore had was harvest closed a little early.

  • mg_honor_farm_clint_brauer_robots

    Robots on the Farm: Modernizing the Food Industry

    Clint Brauer from Cheney is working to re-shape food. His operation, MG Honor Farms in south-central Kansas, is a mecca of vegetables and herbs. For nearly a decade, MG Honor Farms has grown food for local consumers. Brauer, along with high school students and other part-time help, has completed...

  • Scott Thellman

    Scotty Thellman

    Meet Scotty Thellman, a farmer from Lawrence, Kansas. 

  • mueller ranch family in kansas

    Get to know the Mueller Ranch Family

    The Muellers farm and ranch while balancing a custom backgrounding and livestock marketing business, plus kids. Learn about this Kansas ranch family. 

  • Marmaton Valley High School

    Aquaponics at Marmaton Valley High School

    These high school students took an idea for aquaponics and built a fully functioning operation in their greenhouse.

  • south baldwin farms apple orchard gabe trees

    Growing Apples in Kansas

    For Gabe Spurgeon, working at a desk wasn't his calling. When his family moved to Kansas, they saw an opportunity to grow an apple and peach orchard - which is now South Baldwin Farms. 

  • Growing Young

    What’s your mental picture of a farmer? Is it an old guy in a pair of blue jeans, a flannel shirt and a little barnyard on his boots? That was mine for many years until I started writing their stories three years ago. Boy, was I wrong.