Scott Stebner

Based out of Kansas, Scott Stebner is a husband, father, teacher, and creative agricultural communicator who creates cinematically-styled environmental portraits to empower the agricultural community. His work can be seen from national magazine advertisements and newspapers to the websites and promotional material of family farmers and ranchers. Having grown up around livestock and spending seven years as an agricultural educator, Scott is drawn to visually documenting the life, culture, and events of American agriculture at the local level.

  • Farming Family Piepers 2

    A Family Legacy

    By Scott Stebner on September 2, 2016

    The farm currently operated by David and Dana Pieper in Rooks County has been in business since the early 1880s.  It originated as a 150-acre timber claim, seeking to plant trees for the Union...

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  • Ashcraft

    Silent Migration

    By Scott Stebner on August 26, 2016

    With a whistle around his neck, stock dog by his side and cattle in the distance, the first-generation Kansas rancher opened the gate to the pasture. His sun-soaked eyes never left the herd of 20 or...

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  • Kansas Ranching Blythe

    Overseeing an Ecosystem

    By Scott Stebner on August 19, 2016

    On the Blythe Angus Ranch in Morris County, cattle have been grazing on green rolling hills since the 1890s.  Ever since cattle were put on these hills, generations of ranchers in the Blythe family...

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  • Kansas Farmer Shogren

    Water Wise

    By Scott Stebner on August 12, 2016

    As the sky over the Smoky Hill River valley transitioned from hues of orange into a brilliant display of magenta, there was a fraction of a moment where the heavens mimicked the beauty of the...

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  • dairy farmer with cows

    Caring for a dairy herd

    By Scott Stebner on June 7, 2016

    The Schmitz family dairy began in the 1960s with the patriarch dairyman milking cows by hand to sell cream across the county. Over time, the cow herd increased, children came and the family built its...

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  • kids in front of milk sign

    Dairy Good

    By Scott Stebner on June 7, 2016

    “My great grandparents raised dairy cattle. My grandparents grew up on the same farmland that I did. They came back to the farm after getting their degrees at K-State. I always knew I was going to...

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  • rancher and horse

    Food, family and farming

    By Scott Stebner on May 20, 2016

    There is a rejuvenated interest in food. Americans are beginning to ask more questions about how their food is prepared and how it was raised. This renewed interest has coined the term “farm to plate...

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  • farmer with a drone

    A new tool for farmers

    By Scott Stebner on April 5, 2016

    When you think of the essential tools for farmers, do you think of tractors, hammers, leather gloves and rolls of rusty wire? Do images of plows, duct tape, trucks and blue jeans come to mind? How...

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  • man and woman with tomatoes

    The love of farming

    By Scott Stebner on April 5, 2016

    “I found one!” Karen Pendleton, Douglas County, emerges from a row of hydroponic tomatoes holding the first ripe fruit of the season. The smile on her face was equal parts pride and amazement. After...

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  • farmer standing in field

    Waiting for the land to waken

    By Scott Stebner on March 16, 2016

    As the blanket of winter retreats and releases its icy grip on the hibernating land, a Kansas farmer walks the fields waiting for his land to awaken. There’s anticipation everywhere. It saturates...

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