Linda Ditch

Linda Ditch

Linda Ditch is a food writer who inherited her love of cooking from her dad. She learned most of her cooking skills watching her grandmother cook in her farmhouse kitchen, and from TV chefs like Julia Child, Jacques Pippen and Graham Kerr. Her work appears regularly in KANSAS! Magazine and Topeka Magazine. You can check out more of her recipes on her blog,

  • Hot Chocolate to Warm a Cold Winter

    By Linda Ditch on January 20, 2020

    My favorite way to warm my cold fingers in the winter is to wrap them around a warm cup of a hot beverage. Often it is tea or coffee. However, I like to mix things up once in a while. For a sweet...

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  • The Love-Hate Relationship with Eggnog

    By Linda Ditch on December 18, 2019

    When it seems like the rest of the world is celebrating pumpkin spice season, I start looking for eggnog in my grocer’s dairy case. I love eggnog, especially the one made by Kansas’s Hildebrand Farms...

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  • Fall Corn Recipes

    By Linda Ditch on October 2, 2019

    Kansas corn harvest is well underway. Combines rumble through the tall, dry stalks from the wee hours of the morning into night harvesting the hard, golden kernels from the cobs. Of course, if you’re...

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  • garden fresh tomatoes

    Summer Tomatoes

    By Linda Ditch on August 8, 2019

    Perhaps the greatest gift of summer is the tomato. This is the only time of year I will buy them, since I know they will be full of flavor. This red globe of goodness is the primary reason I go to my...

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  • Cruise Cocktails for Summertime

    By Linda Ditch on July 3, 2019

    Looking for adult summer beverages to chill the Kansas heat? I’ve discovered one of the best places to get ideas is on a cruise ship. They are pros at making fun, tropical drinks to enjoy in warm...

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  • at home science experiments

    Fun At-Home Science Experiments

    By Linda Ditch on March 11, 2019

    Science fun doesn't just have to happen at school.  I was a Montessori preschool teacher for a number of years. My last position was at Discovery School Montessori Preschool in Topeka. During the...

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  • sweet potato shepherds pie

    A twist on an Irish dish

    By Linda Ditch on March 11, 2019

    Isn’t funny how we all become a bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day even if our ancestors originated nowhere near the Emerald Isle? Most of us see it as a day for food, drink and revelry, but the Irish...

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  • hot pizza dip

    Cast Iron Skillet Dips

    By Linda Ditch on January 18, 2019

    When we reach the gray, cold days of winter, this is my favorite time to invite friends and family over for food and fun. The NFL playoffs and college basketball season are two terrific excuses to...

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  • peanutbutter

    The Story of Peanut Butter

    By Linda Ditch on November 12, 2018

    November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month. Are you a fan? If your kids are, research shows they will eat 1,500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches before they graduate high school. In fact,...

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  • Girls Canning

    Preserving the Harvest by Canning and Pickling

    By Linda Ditch on October 4, 2018

    With the arrival of autumn, I’ve got my eye on the weather looking for the first frost of the season. My garden was sad during this very hot and dry summer, but it perked up once the rain returned,...

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