Rhonda McCurry

Rhonda McCurry is an agriculture communicator, 4-H mom and KFB fourth district administrator. Her work position puts her alongside 10 County Farm Bureaus and their staff to encourage agriculture, education and service activities. Rhonda’s own 4-H and FFA experience has pushed her children to now be involved in these programs, with a small farm of their own. Her agricultural communications degree from K-State and two decades of writing for agriculture publications introduced her to some of the best food producers in the state. Rhonda is married to Jesse, and their four children are Jackson, Anna, Jett and Cora. They reside in Colwich.


  • Fly Boy Brewery and Eats

    By Rhonda McCurry on February 7, 2020

    What began as a beermaking kit for Christmas has turned into a restaurant and brewery that provides a terrific atmosphere, great food and drink and 17 jobs in a small town. Clay and Linda Haring...

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  • A Pecan Farm in Kansas Comes Full Circle

    By Rhonda McCurry on November 5, 2019

    The trees at Circle’s Pecans in McCune have been lovingly tended by the Circle family for nearly three decades. With attention to detail, creative ideas and special care, what started as a simple...

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