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  • family eating turkey leftovers

    7 recipes for turkey leftovers

    By Kansas Living on October 10, 2018

    If your family didn't gobble up all the turkey, here are 7 recipes you can use for turkey leftovers. Each recipe serves four and calls for fully cooked, leftover roast turkey.  Turkey and Black...

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  • octoberrecipes

    10 Delicious Things to Cook in October

    By Kansas Living on October 3, 2018

    It's October! As we welcome cooler temps, we also welcome warmer meals. Here are 10 delicious recipes for you to try this month. Click on each picture for the recipe. 1. Instant Pot Jambalaya 2....

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  • France Family #2

    A Dinner from France Farms

    By Kansas Living on September 6, 2018

    These recipes were orginally shared at the 2018 Kansas State Fair by Amy, a farm and ranch wife from western Kansas. Thanks to these recipes, you can dine like the France family, a farm and...

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  • Father and Daughter Baking

    Homemade Dough and Tea Ring

    By Kansas Living on August 29, 2018

    These recipes were orginally shared at the 2018 Kansas State Fair by Melanie, a farm wife from western Kansas who loves to bake. Ever have the urge to bake something from scratch? Well we have...

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  • Drive-In Theaters in Kansas

    By Kansas Living on August 17, 2018

    Next time you’re looking for an adventure the whole family can be a part of, find a drive-in movie theater near you. SOUTH DRIVE-IN DODGE CITY 1019 East McArtor Road This is the oldest operating...

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  • Five steps to retire early

    By Kansas Living on December 13, 2017

    Looking to retire before the traditional retirement age of 65? It’s a big feat and unless you win the lottery, you might find it to be a difficult goal to achieve. The good news: it can be done with...

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  • financial fundamentals

    Financial FUNdamentals

    By Kansas Living on August 9, 2017

    You don't need to create formal lesson plans to teach kids about money. Everyday activities - such as playing store, doling out an allowance, shopping for groceries and buying a piggy bank - can...

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  • Listen to finance

    Get Financially Fit

    By Kansas Living on May 30, 2017

    Take a moment to think about your financial goals for the next five years. Do you want to be debt-free, save more for retirement or work toward a feasible budget? As you think through your...

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  • kitchen

    Community Kitchens in Kansas

    By Kansas Living on May 9, 2017

    Currently, there are nine community kitchens across Kansas. These food facilities provide multiple uses for  individuals and food-business startups. The cost of using a community kitchen can be much...

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  • Bread in a Bag

    Bread In A Bag

    By Kansas Living on February 17, 2017

    We appreciate the farmers who raise wheat for us. Wheat is milled into flour, making it possible to create delicious treats like this bread in a bag. You Will Need: Measuring cups Measuring...

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