By Chef Alli

Electric Pressure Cooker Roast Beef

electric pressure cooker roast beef.jpg


1 3 lb. chuck roast, thawed
1 jar sliced pepperoncini or banana peppers, with juice


Pour half the jar of pepperoncini with juices into electric pressure cooker.

Place the roast into the pressure cooker and top with the remaining pepperoncini and juices.

Lock the lid into place and turn the vent to the sealing position. Choose 60 minutes time on high pressure. When the timer sounds, perform a full natural (not quick) release of pressure so the roast can continue to cook from residual heat and rest.

When the natural release is finished, remove the lid and test the roast with a fork. It should be very tender and nearly falling apart. If the roast isn’t tender at this point (following the full natural release), lock the lid into place once more and re-pressurize for five to 10 more minutes, followed by a quick release of pressure. Test with a fork again.

Remove the roast to a cutting board, using two forks to shred the meat.

**Please note: If you are using a frozen chuck roast to make this recipe, increase the cooking time in the electric pressure cooker to 90 minutes, followed by a full natural release. This recipe was created using a 6-quart Instant Pot. Cooking time for any electric pressure-cooking recipe can vary a bit based on the brand you use.

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