Hannah Becker

Hannah Becker

Hannah Becker is a millennial author, farmer, and marketing consultant. With the sole professional goal of growing up to "be a cowgirl," Hannah is the enthusiastic farmer behind Willow Springs Farm, in Franklin County, Kan. Hannah has a B.S. in Animal & Dairy Science from Mississippi State University, and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Florida Institute of Technology. Follow Hannah on Twitter & Instagram @MotivatedGenY for more #FarmLife fun. 


  • organic food and non-organic food

    Organic foods or non-organic

    By Hannah Becker on April 8, 2016

    I have a confession to make. I don’t always buy organic foods. While I prioritize providing high-quality food for my family (I even grow some of our own produce and meat myself) organic only doesn'...

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  • Agriculture and wildlife, how do they co-exist?

    By Hannah Becker on April 1, 2016

    More than 30 years ago, The Journal of Soil and Water Conservation published an article entitled, “Wildlife and agriculture: Can they coexist?” (Carlson, 1985). The author voiced concerns over the...

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  • art featuring environmental impact of ag

    How does ag impact the environment?

    By Hannah Becker on February 16, 2016

    Agriculture and the environment have a symbiotic relationship. Agriculture impacts the environment and the environment impacts agriculture. Sometimes the impact is good – like when farmland...

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  • environment

    Five Ways Agriculture is Going Green

    By Hannah Becker on February 2, 2016

    With global warming and environmental policy “trending” in current news headlines, Presidential debates and social media, we’re often the recipient of information overload on all things #GoGreen. As...

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  • gmolabels

    GMO Labeling Explained

    By Hannah Becker on January 6, 2016

    Food labeling is a big deal for today’s consumers – have you looked at your food packaging lately? Check out the seals and certifications touting “Gluten-Free,” “Certified Organic,” “No Added...

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  • GMO myths debunked

    Five GMO myths debunked

    By Hannah Becker on December 1, 2015

    Like many controversial subjects, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are plagued by a number of wildly popularized myths. We’ll explore five common myths and facts about GMOs; and discover the...

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  • GMO soybean field

    What are GMOs?

    By Hannah Becker on November 3, 2015

    Graduating with an agriculture degree meant tackling the dreaded “Senior Seminar” before being awarded my diploma. Thanks to skipping a few “should have been there” classes, I was assigned the...

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  • From the farm

    By Hannah Becker on October 7, 2015

    Hello! I’m Hannah Becker, a Farm Bureau member from Ottawa, Kan. My husband and I are first-generation farmers at Willow Springs Farm, a grass-fed beef operation in Franklin County. We originally...

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