Hannah Becker

Hannah Becker

Hannah Becker is a millennial author, farmer, and marketing consultant. With the sole professional goal of growing up to "be a cowgirl," Hannah is the enthusiastic farmer behind Willow Springs Farm, in Franklin County, Kan. Hannah has a B.S. in Animal & Dairy Science from Mississippi State University, and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Florida Institute of Technology. Follow Hannah on Twitter & Instagram @MotivatedGenY for more #FarmLife fun. 


  • salmon fillets

    5 Crazy Cool GMO Products You Didn’t Know Existed

    By Hannah Becker on April 10, 2017

    While many of these latest scientific advancements are not available in the marketplace, their enhanced attributes leave many consumers wondering, “What new ‘superfoods’ will GMO research produce...

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  • calf in grass

    What happens during calving season?

    By Hannah Becker on March 9, 2017

    My favorite time of the year is just around the corner…calving season. With so much new life (and super cute calves) in the air (and pasture, respectively), springtime on the farm is pure magic. As...

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  • hand holding rice

    Three Reasons GMOs are Necessary to Feed the Planet

    By Hannah Becker on January 20, 2017

    Children starving along the side of the road. Families scavenging for some source of protein. Meat products added to the black market. Sounds like a scene from the latest Hunger Games movie, but...

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  • Hannah Becker

    Female Farmers

    By Hannah Becker on December 15, 2016

    For the past few hundred years, the face of farming in the western world has been predominantly male — men plowed the fields, men worked the cattle, men ran the farms. While not a universal...

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  • red barn in the snow

    Winter on the farm

    By Hannah Becker on November 14, 2016

    While the winter months may conjure up images of mistletoe, Christmas cookies and holiday shopping in the minds of some, the impending cooler temperatures take on a very different meaning to Kansas...

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  • GMO Labeling Info

    3 Things You Need to Know About the GMO Labeling Bill

    By Hannah Becker on October 1, 2016

    The debate on GMO labeling is alive and well in this year’s Presidential election. Some are for it, some against it – many of us have no idea where we stand. If you’re like me, you may have tuned...

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  • u pick apple orchard

    Experience farm life this fall

    By Hannah Becker on August 17, 2016

    Fall is just around the corner – back to school, football season, and yes, the long-awaited farm harvest. As a farmer, it’s one of my favorite times of year to experience agriculture. The weather is...

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  • farmer preparing field

    Family Farms

    By Hannah Becker on August 1, 2016

    “I don’t know how you can be proud of working in an industry that sold out to corporate America,” a non-agriculture colleague stated. “What?” I replied, caught off guard by her statement. “Everyone...

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  • woman looking at fruits and veggies in refrigerator

    How are organic crops different?

    By Hannah Becker on July 5, 2016

    “I can’t wait for you to try my summer salad,” a neighbor said as she pushed a colorful bowl of greens and veggies my way, “It’s super healthful.” “Aren’t most salads healthful?” I asked. “No –...

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  • cows in field

    Organic Meat: How is it different?

    By Hannah Becker on June 1, 2016

    We’ve all seen the “organic” labels sprinkled along the meat aisle. Depending on your carnivorous palate, you can now find organic almost everything – from breakfast bacon to pot roast.  Many...

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