By Ariean Krieger on March 22, 2016

Paper pieced art

paper pieced mason jar art

Hello friends! It's Ariean from One Krieger Chick here to share a fun craft you (or your kids) could create to add some colorful spring decor to your home.

Have paper scraps- Make this cute Mason Jar Paper Pieced Art in minutes! 14 OneKriegerChick

I love mason jars, spring decorating and craft supplies. This cute mason jar is a perfect colorful addition to spring decor using craft supplies you may already have on hand! Let's get started.

Gather up your supplies:

  • Mason jar shape
  • White cardstock paper (two sheets)
  • Paper strips
  • scissors
  • gluestick
  • pencil

Paper pieced art- OneKriegerChick

Start by creating a mason jar stencil. There are a couple ways of doing this. The easiest is to cut a shape using a cutting machine like a Cricut. That's what I did, but I realize not everyone has a cutting machine.  It is still super easy to create a stencil!  You'll need to locate a free clip art shape online.  There are a bunch online that are for "personal use only."  Simply download, print and cut out using scissors.

Paper pieced art-2 OneKriegerChick

Once you have a stencil, trace it onto a piece of white cardstock and cut out the shape.  I found a 5x7 frame I wanted to use, so I created this project to fit that opening.  I traced the glass around the opening of the mason jar to make sure it fits and that it was centered.

Paper pieced art-3 OneKriegerChick

This is a great project for scraps of paper.  If you don't have scraps, choose a few pieces of patterned paper.  A lot of paper is reversible, so you have double the patterns to work with.  Cut into strips.  These are all a half inch, but you can choose any width.

Paper pieced art-4 OneKriegerChick

I created a pattern I liked before adhering the paper with a glue stick.  Use whatever adhesive you have on hand.

Paper pieced art-6 OneKriegerChick

Use the piece of paper the jar shape was cut from or cut a new piece to fit on top of the paper strips.

Paper pieced art-5 OneKriegerChick

Trim around all of the edges and the jar will look like this.  If it does not easily slide into the frame opening, simply trim down the edges a little more.  You do not have to adhere the top piece unless you choose to. I laid them on top of one another because the frame will hold them into place.

Paper pieced art-8 OneKriegerChick

This craft comes together so quickly, you'll want to make another...and another...

Mason Jar paper strip art 2 OneKriegerChick

So many seasonal possibilities in any shape imaginable!  It would make a super cute gift too!  I'm loving how it looks mixed into my spring decor...

Mason Jar paper strip art 5 OneKriegerChick Mason Jar paper strip art 3 OneKriegerChick

If you like mason jars, you may want to make your own Entertaining Caddy.

Ombre Painted Mason Jar Entertaining

Or a fun little bunny pillow.

Bunny Pillow with the cutest pompom tail! OneKriegerChick


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