Eryn Carter

Eryn Carter

Eryn is a Kansas raised Registered Dietitian who is passionate about food from farm to table. She believes nutrition begins at the root and values agriculture for aiding the public in having a well-balanced diet. 


  • woman at home looking at pantry items with basket

    10 Pantry Staples for Eating Healthy

    By Eryn Carter on May 12, 2020

    Whether you’re caught in the middle of a pandemic or too busy to make it to the grocery store, shelf stable food items are a kitchen must. The convenience of having items in your pantry for several...

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  • grocery budget

    Grocery budget tips for feeding your family healthy meals

    By Eryn Carter on April 7, 2020

    With new health trends hitting the market daily, you might feel like your can of green beans and 99 cent bananas aren’t cutting it. What used to be a simple message of “an apple a day keeps the...

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  • strawberry yogurt bites

    Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats

    By Eryn Carter on February 3, 2020

    Feb. 14 signifies a day of love, giving and for most, a sugar rush. Valentine’s Day is typically celebrated by gifting loved ones with a variety of sweet treats that can leave you feeling sluggish....

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  • Buddha bowl with steak, quinoa and avocado

    Macronutrients and Micronutrients

    By Eryn Carter on January 15, 2020

    There are many buzzwords these days about healthy eating--macronutrients and micronutrients being just a few.  All foods we eat are comprised of these two nutrient categories: micronutrients and...

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  • Four Healthy Habits to Establish in the New Year

    By Eryn Carter on December 18, 2019

    The new year is quickly approaching, and for most that means reflecting on the previous year and setting new goals. While any time of year is a great time to improve your health, January provides a...

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  • Healthy Holiday Tips

    By Eryn Carter on November 20, 2019

    From Halloween to the New Year, there are many celebrations with delicious and comforting recipes that may be out of your normal eating routine. Holiday parties, family dinners and sweet treats can...

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  • Cooked Steak

    The Dish on Animal Protein

    By Eryn Carter on October 2, 2019

    The idea of eliminating animal meat products from the diet to promote better health, specifically heart health, has been a popular topic within recent years. Before you decide to cut meat out of your...

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  • family buying vegetables

    Navigating the Grocery Store for Health

    By Eryn Carter on September 4, 2019

    Working your way around the grocery store can be a daunting task. Add in tailoring your list to be health-focused and it may be enough for you to head straight to the frozen aisle for prepared meals...

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