By Chef Alli on March 3, 2021

Tips for Getting the Best Results from Your Air Fryer

wings air fryer

Learn to keep a close eye on what you’re cooking. Due to very hot air circulation (much like a convection oven) foods cook super quickly.  I “blackened” a few things at first.  

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try new things and see which foods you like. I bet you might just be surprised. Right off the bat, I fell in love with air fryer baked potatoes and roasted sweet potatoes, chicken wings, grilled cheese sandwiches, fish fillets, chocolate chip cookies and egg rolls.  

Give the items you’re cooking the space they need. Don’t overcrowd the basket so that the hot air can’t circulate properly. Otherwise, you won’t get what you’re striving for–that crispy, crunchy and perfectly golden-brown exterior.  

Allow the air fryer adequate space all around for good air flow. This keeps it from overheating and operating properly. I make sure to pull it away from the wall a bit when in operation. Also, the top of the air fryer will get hot eventually, so keep that area open.  

Air fryers aren’t meant for complete oil-free cooking. You’ll often still need a little oil on the exterior of the foods you are cooking since oil promotes browning. A light brushing of oil with a pastry brush or even a quick dusting of non-stick spray is all you need.  

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