By Chef Alli on July 29, 2019

Tips for Purchasing a Food Processor

My food processor earned a prime spot of real estate on my kitchen counter long ago, and to this very day he remains right there, steady and strong, ready to rock and roll at a moment’s notice, powering his way through all kinds of ingredients and recipes.

As a true superpower in the kitchen, a food processor can have many big jobs done in a manner of seconds, allowing us to save our energy and our most precious ingredient of all: our time.

As an example, instead of mincing ham for ham salad with a knife and a cutting board, I let my food processor do the work. Instead of cutting butter into flour in a mixing bowl by hand with a pastry cutter for pie crust, I let my food processor handle it. 

I recently needed a small batch of whipped cream. Curious, I poured heavy cream into my food processor along with some powdered sugar and a splash of vanilla. In just a few seconds, I had beautiful whipped cream with perfect peaks. Heavenly! 

Are you beginning to see the whole, splendid picture here? A food processor is indispensable in the kitchen!

Understand that You’re Making an Investment in Your Kitchen

Yes, a food processor is a huge investment initially, but if you purchase a good name-brand food processor, such as Cuisinart or Kitchen Aid, your outlay is going for a life-time purchase, truly. You will use it for years and years to come, for all kinds of tasks and for all kinds or recipes.

A Food Processor is a Tool, Not a Gadget

I’ll be the first one to say that there are tons of cool kitchen gadgets available we really don’t need, but they are sure nice to have. Rest assured, a food processor does not fall into the gadget category; you’re investing in a tool. 

Go Big or Go Home

If you’re going to spend your hard-earned cash to purchase a food processor, I recommend purchasing the larger-capacity one. I have an 11-cup Kitchen Aid food processor in my kitchen and I’m constantly longing for a 14-cup size; that extra bowl space makes a big difference. Sadly, we don’t realize this until we experience our first food processor over-flow – what a mess. Go the route of a larger food processor initially and save yourself the grief. “I wish I’d gotten the smaller food processor,” said nobody. EVER. 

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