By Mandy Beyeler on May 11, 2017

Kids Craft: Cow Headband

It's moo-velous

cow headband kids craft

Whether on a farm or not, all kiddos love to learn about farm animals and work them into playtime. This Cow Headband is a fun and easy kids craft that keeps on giving as they can wear and play in it well past the crafting.

cow headband kids craft dairy

For the Cow Headband, you will need:

  • white, black and pink construction paper or cardstock
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • glue

IMG_1891 copy

First fold the white sheet in half lengthwise and then cut along that fold line.

IMG_1893 copy

Staple those two strips together. Depending on size of the child's head, you may need a third strip.

IMG_1894 copy

Have your child cut black blobs to be used as cow spots - it's a great way to practice cutting! Imperfection is great! Then simply glue the black spots onto the long white strip.

IMG_1895 copy

For the ears, cut two rounded triangles out of white paper. Cut the same shape but smaller out of pink paper. Glue the pink on top of the white.

IMG_1896 copy

Fold the bottom of the ear slightly and staple to add dimension

IMG_1897 copy

When cow spots are dry, staple the white strip into a circle headband. Staple the ears to each side of the headband.

IMG_1898 copy

That's all there is to it!

IMG_1903b copy

She wore her new headband around all day long!

cow headband kids craft idea

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