By Mandy Beyeler on October 12, 2017

Ghost Mobile Kids Craft

A fun way to create fall decor, keepsakes, and get the kiddos using their fine motor skills

ghost mobile kids craft idea

I love that we can use it year after year and compare those little footprints as they grow older.  And I love that this is a craft that all ages really want to get involved in!

kids craft idea ghost mobile

Supplies Needed:

  • black construction paper
  • white paint
  • foam paintbrush
  • twine or string
  • dowel rod or stick
  • basic craft supplies (scissors, tape, black marker)

ghost feet print supplies

I suggest putting down a large piece of cardboard or plastic to protect your workspace during painting - we used our garage.  Pour your paint out and using a foam brush, paint the child's foot.  If you have several children working on the project, they can paint one another's foot (it's hard for them to paint their own because it's hard to bend and reach around).

ghost footprint

Next they will step onto the black paper and press firmly. Then pull the foot away, repaint, and repeat until you've made enough ghosts for your mobile.  NOTE: if you want your mobile to be double-sided, you'll need to use both the right and left foot, then tape the cutouts together back-to-back.

making ghost foot print

When dry, have the child cut around the edge of the footprint - they don't need to cut it exactly, just a general shape.

kids craft ghost foot print

So it will be shaped like a ghost:

ghost foot print cutout

Next your child will draw on eyes and a mouth with circles using a black marker.

kids craft halloween idea

I just love the concentration of kiddos in crafting mode!

making ghosts kids craft

To make the mobile, we taped twine to the back of the ghost and then tied it around a dowel rod.

simple ghost craft diy Ghost Mobile Kids craft ghost foot mobile kids craft halloween idea

That's it!  Enjoy your new decor - the kiddos will love to see their project displayed in the home!

I'm Mandy and I blog at where you can find simple crafts and DIY projects.  I'm excited to be contributing monthly kid crafts ideas here at Kansas Living!

ghost foott mobile kids craft idea

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