By Kansas Living on September 29, 2020

20 Pizza Recipes

October is National Pizza Month - Grab a slice!


In Pizza We Crust! Here’s a list of knead-to-know recipes that’ll keep you full and satisfied all month long.  

1. Italian Sausage and Caramelized Onion Pizza

Culinary Ginger

2. Grilled Alfredo BLT with Fresh Mozzarella Pizza

3. Pumpkin Pizza

A Sparkle of Genius

4. Lasagna Pizza

The Salty Marshmallow

5. Leftover Turkey and Pear Pizza

Home Cooking Memories

6. Chunky Monkey Grilled Dessert Pizza

7. Chicken Teriyaki Pizza

Artsy Fartsy Mama

8. Cast Iron Pan Pizza

House of Nash Eats

9. Grilled Pesto with Chicken, Mozzarella and Goat Cheese Crumbles Pizza

10. Chicken and Bacon Pizza with Garlic Cream Sauce

Chisel and Fork

11. Denver Omelet Pizza

Three Olives Branch

12. Crab Rangoon Pizza

Celebration Generation

13. Naan Greek Pizza

Fresh Simple Home

14. Over Easy Breakfast Pizza

15. New York Style Pizza

Cardamom and Coconut

16. Easy Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

Retro House Wife Goes Green

17. Cubano Pizza

Carefree Mermaid

18. Chicken Garlic Ranch Tortilla Pizza

Bitz & Giggles

19. Caprese Pizza

Bitz & Giggles

20. Deep Dish Pizza

Sweet Tea and Thyme

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*Permission was granted to post outside recipes.*