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Drink more water!

11 Ways You Can Create The Good Habit of Drinking More Water


There’s no doubt our bodies feel happier and healthier when we are well-hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is important for our overall health and well-being; it aids with digestion, keeps us regular, prevents dehydration and helps to flush toxins and waste products from our bodies. Plus, drinking water helps us look better, aids with weight loss and helps hydrate our skin, which in turn reduces the signs of aging.

So if we know all the positives, why does drinking 64 ounces of water each day prove to be such a chore? Below are a few tips that can help us create the good habit of drinking more water. 

1. Start your day with a glass of water, first thing. 

Upon waking, our bodies are naturally a little dehydrated. Hydrating as soon as we rise not only helps us feel more refreshed, it can also help fire up our metabolism for the day and flush out toxins. Instead of heading to that cup of coffee as soon as your feet hit the floor, hydrate with a big glass of water (or two) first.

2. Make it part of your skin-care schedule.

Because hydrating really helps keep our skin looking younger and more healthy, establishing a daily skincare regimen that includes drinking water can be an ideal part of our schedule. Drink, cleanse, moisturize, drink some more. Keeping that glass handy beside the bathroom sink makes it easy to accomplish this and acts as a visual reminder to drink up. 

3. Make transitions with water.

Transitional points throughout our day are great times to remind ourselves to drink a glass of water: upon waking, before going into our home office, when we’re getting ready for bed, etc. Or, maybe a glass of water at the top of every hour could be a good way to meet our water quota. We can each study our daily schedule to decide when and how our transitional points for drinking water make the most sense for our daily routine. 

4. Keep a bottle of water in hand.

It's a good idea to keep a bottle of water handy, no matter what tasks we are carrying out: doing laundry, mowing the grass, fixing dinner, watching television, surfing the net, etc. When it comes to water consumption, “out of sight, out of mind” definitely applies, so keeping it close by and visible pays off. 

5. If you’re a carbonated soda lover who’s trying to drink less of it, make a new rule.

Don’t allow yourself to have a soda until you’ve had at least half of your daily hydration. If it’s the bubbles of carbonation you are craving, try drinking flavored seltzer water instead of soda. Plain seltzer water can be sweetened with a squeeze of sugar-free liquid drink enhancer (such as Crystal Light) to make a delightfully carbonated beverage you’ll enjoy....almost as much as a soda.

6. Keep bottles in your fridge.

To encourage my on-the-go family to drink more water, I’ve noticed that keeping 20-oz. bottles of water in our spare fridge at all times makes it very easy for them to grab water when they are running out the door. I know they look in the fridge hoping for an ice cold soda, but when all that’s available is chilled water, they still grab one for the road.

7. Chart it!

If you’re a list person like many of us, make a chart and check mark every time you drink a glass of water each day. In a month, you may be surprised at what you learn about your water consumption patterns. And, after 30 days, maybe you will be well on your way to creating a good water hydration habit that sticks with you.

8. Become a gulper.

Gulping a good glass of water several times a day not only helps us get this task accomplished in a speedy way, it also helps us feel more full. Sometimes we think we are hungry when in actuality, our bodies may just be signaling they need hydrated. Fill up that water glass and gulp it down.

9. Add citrus.

Adding citrus to our glass can make water so refreshing. Freeze slices of lemons and limes or berries and use them in place of ice cubes. They chill your water and make it look appealing. Adding fresh mint and cucumber slices are also fun ways to add flavor. 

10. Find your why.

What’s behind your reasoning for hydrating each day? Sometimes when we fully realize WHY we want to create a positive habit, it helps us conquer. Keep your list of reasons handy so you can mentally reinforce your goal of drinking more water every day. 

11. Challenge yourself.

Fill a gallon jug with water each morning and set a goal of drinking ALL of it before the afternoon slips into evening. If you don’t accomplish this, make a pact to drink it before you turn in for bed. Or, if you haven’t drank your gallon of water before leaving the office, commit to drinking it on the drive home. You can’t get out of your car until all the water is consumed.

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