Cooking Tips & Inspiration

  • string of fresh herbs

    Add a little zing!

    Try these 10 easy-to-use, healthy and tasty herbs and spices in your upcoming meals.

  • dried herbs

    Herb Appeal

    Ever wonder why everything tastes exotic and exudes delicious aromas when you eat at a five-star restaurant? It is usually because of the seasoning. Exceptional chefs know fresh food is always best and includes fresh herbs. Fantastic cuisine can be very simply prepared, but add a few fresh herbs...

  • Corn & 'Maters | Chef Alli | Kansas Living

    Corn & 'Maters

    Check out these tips on making corn on the cob quickly and deliciously, getting those tomatoes skinned and seeded in a snap and how to get the most out of your visit to the farmers market.

  • Roasted onions

    Roasting Vegetables

    Need a tasty, enticing way to convince your family to eat their veggies? Try roasting them. 

  • healthy kabobs

    Tailgating with Nutrition in Mind

    Supporting your favorite team is always fun. When you add in tasty food, you up your game, but you may inadvertently end up calling "foul" on your waistline. Registered dietitian Karen Hanson offers tips to keep nutrition in mind without sacrificing taste and fun. 

  • Beef Nutrition | Karen's Nutrition | Kansas Living

    Beef Nutrition

    Hy-Vee registered dietitian Karen Hanson offers tips about lean beef’s role in a healthy diet.

  • Delicious Seafood | Kansas Living

    Delicious Seafood

    Although we live in a landlocked state, Kansans can — and should — enjoy seafood as part of a nutritious diet. 

  • group enjoying Thanksgiving dinner

    The Crowd Pleaser

    Preparing a meal for the holidays may seem overwhelming, but with these five tips and the recipes to follow, a large holiday gathering can truly be a joyous event. 1. Have a written plan. Then remember it’s not set in stone. A plan is simply a guide that helps us stay organized and on schedule....

  • Delicious Recipes Using Holiday Leftovers

    Thanksgiving and Christmas often feature big meals that leave us with some tasty leftovers. Hy-Vee registered dietician Karen Hanson offers some recipes and nutrition tips that will take you beyond turkey casserole and ham sandwiches.

  • Homemade Noodles Made Simple

    When I was growing up, I often helped my grandmothers make homemade noodles. I can still remember noodles laying everywhere. They covered every single kitchen surface. It was messy. My grandmothers believed if you were going to all the trouble of making noodles, you might as well do it BIG. They...

  • 20 Recipes to Try in August

    It's time to head back to school, kids! These recipes are great for rushing around this month. Try them out!

  • photo of jar salads

    Mason Jar Salads

    Jar salads seem to be all the rage these days and I’ve jumped on the bandwagon myself. I love getting a chilled jar out of the fridge, packed tight with fresh greens, vegetables and dressing. 

  • making egg noodles

    Celebrate Noodle Month

    March is National Noodle Month and what better time for this comfort food to take the stage.  Here are some fun noodle facts to amuse and amaze you:

  • fruit snack

    Apple donuts

    Fruit is a common snack for kids because it’s so convenient. It can get boring, and sometimes we need a little change to spice up our routine. Apple donuts are easy to prepare and make snack time fun. Slice an apple crosswise into 1/4” slices and use a pop-bottle lid to remove the core. Spread...

  • Father and Daughter Baking

    Homemade Dough and Tea Ring

    These recipes were orginally shared at the 2018 Kansas State Fair by Melanie, a farm wife from western Kansas who loves to bake. Ever have the urge to bake something from scratch? Well we have the baked goods for you! Enjoy this white or wheat dough recipe for all your dough-dreams, and if you'...

  • Spring Cleaning your Pantry

    After keeping the windows shut tight all winter, spring is the perfect time to fling open those windows, organize things you meant to get to last year and deep-clean the nooks and crannies. While you’re already working on making your house less cluttered and more intentional, include your kitchen.

  • 21 Foods for Your Food Processor

    Hummus The creamiest texture of hummus comes from spending a little time removing the skins from the cooked chickpeas. That can be an annoying task, but so worth it if you’re worried about texture. But even if you don’t remove the skins, the hummus made in your food processor is wonderful. 

  • woman reading nutrition label

    New nutrition labels coming

    What if you held in your hand a tool that could tell you exactly what you wanted to know about a product’s contents and quality? It’s something we demand from the tools we use in everyday life, whether we’re at home, on the farm or in the car and it’s essential for safety and efficiency.

  • nighttime

    Ordinary Greatness

    "It might have been otherwise" is a line from a poem that reminds me how important it is to appreciate the ordinary. What a miracle it is that we are able to walk and talk and think, much less see and hear. When Jane Kenyon wrote those words she doubtless felt their truth. She died of leukemia...

  • brunch

    Easy Easter Brunch Menu

    If you're gathering the clan for an Easter celebration, why not consider brunch? I love hosting a late-morning brunch because it gives me more time to prepare before guests arrive. Brunch seems to be a more relaxed setting and that carries over into how I like to serve it — easy peasy . The recipes...