Sheridan Wimmer

Sheridan Wimmer

Born and raised in Kansas, Sheridan Wimmer has an appreciation for the state’s agricultural diversity. Representing the best interests of Kansas farmers and ranchers is Sheridan’s jam (or jelly, no discrimination). Great food and wine are at the top of Sheridan’s sustenance list and she knows it wouldn’t be here without the hard work of our farmers and ranchers.


  • familydinner

    Tips for Family Meal Planning Success

    By Sheridan Wimmer on November 6, 2018

    I remember the wicker-backed chairs, some of which were torn; the large dining room table, which was scratched in places; and the full plates, which did not match. Family dinner happened often in the...

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  • Keep Your Mind in Mind

    By Sheridan Wimmer on August 17, 2018

    These days, we all have a lot on our plates (pun intended). Kids, work, relationships, finances and curveballs in life can take a toll on our health — both physically and emotionally. While physical...

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  • Playing Cell Phone Coverage Catch Up

    By Sheridan Wimmer on July 12, 2018

    Think about the things you rely on each day. The water in your shower coming on, the lights in your kitchen allowing you to see the coffee maker gurgling, the car starting right up (fingers crossed)...

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  • producestorage

    Put Your Produce in its Place

    By Sheridan Wimmer on May 10, 2018

    In a scene from a popular movie, the leader of a high-school clique bluntly says, “You can’t sit with us,” when someone tries to join their lunch table without wearing the pre-approved clothing...

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  • beer

    Quiz: Craft Beer

    By Sheridan Wimmer on January 12, 2018

    Your preferences say a lot about you and we want to know what kind of beer you are. Grab a cold one and take the quiz here! Loading...(function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){var ql=document.querySelectorAll('A[...

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  • 12 holiday health tips

    By Sheridan Wimmer on December 13, 2017

    On the first day of Christmas, your true love (that’s us, right?) gave to you: 12 holiday health tips and suggestions. To stay your best self throughout the holidays, read what Karen Hanson,...

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  • Quiz: Santa's Reindeer

    By Sheridan Wimmer on December 13, 2017

    Tell us your holiday preferences and we'll tell you what reindeer you are. Sleigh the quiz here! Loading...(function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){var ql=document.querySelectorAll('A[quiz],DIV[quiz],A[...

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  • Quiz: Thanksgiving

    By Sheridan Wimmer on November 16, 2017

    Tell us about your Thanksgiving day and we'll give you the pie that fits your personality. Take the quiz here! Loading...(function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){var ql=document.querySelectorAll('A[quiz],...

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  • Quiz: What's Your Halloween Style?

    By Sheridan Wimmer on October 19, 2017

    Tell us your Halloween style and we'll give you a tasty soup to try for the chilly fall weather. Take the quiz here! Loading...(function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){var ql=document.querySelectorAll('A[quiz],...

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  • corn field

    Build a farm and we'll tell you what you should have for dinner

    By Sheridan Wimmer on September 28, 2017

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