By Mandy Beyeler on November 4, 2017

Create a Pinecone Turkey with your kids

Gather some pinecones for this perfect fall activity

Pinecone Turkey

Fall is meant for crafting! Gather those pinecones up and make these cute Pinecone Turkeys with your kiddos.

pinecone turkey kids craft

Made from supplies that you might already have on-hand!  You can use these Pinecone Turkeys as fall decor or even as placecard holders at Thanksgiving Dinner.

make a pinecone turkey

Supplies Needed (makes 2 turkeys)

--Pinecones (bake in the oven at low temperature to get rid of any bugs)

--Pipe Cleaners in 5 fall colors, plus red

--Googly Eyes

--scrap of brown and yellow construction paper

--glue and hot glue

IMG_5482 copy

First, prep your supplies.  Cut the pipe cleaners in half (younger children may need help with this part).  Cut 2 small sections from the red pipe cleaner.  Cut the scrap paper into turkey head shape as shown below.  Cut the yellow paper into a diamond shape.

IMG_5483 copy

Next assemble the head.  Fold the yellow diamond in half to make a beak (as shown below).  Bend the red pipe cleaner piece in a zig zag to make a gobbler.  Attach the beak, eyes, and gobbler using glue.  Set aside to dry.

IMG_5484 copy

Meanwhile, create the turkey tail feathers.  Bend each half pipe cleaner in half in a loop.  Twist the ends together as shown below.

IMG_5485 copy

Finally, using a hot glue gun (adult help required on this step), place a large dab of hot glue on the end of the tail feather.  With the glue still hot, place feather into the back of the pinecone.  Repeat for  all the tailfeathers.

IMG_5489 copy

And there ya have it!  Pinecone Turkeys!

pinecone turkey kids craft copy

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