By Ariean Krieger on December 1, 2015

DIY Personalized Throw Pillows

Fun & easy to make

Hello again!  It's Ariean from OneKriegerChick and I'm super excited to be here to share a fun and unique project that could be used for home decor or as a Christmas gift.  Photographs are one of my favorite gifts to give and always seem to be well received...Make your own personalized photo pillows- Perfect for holiday decorating or to give as a gift!-

So cute, right?!  Bonus...They are probably a lot easier than you think.  Let's get started... You'll need:

  • T-shirt transfer paper for white fabric (I picked it up at Target, but any craft store should carry it)
  • White or cream cotton fabric
  • Plaid fabric or Felt
  • Scissors and Sewing machine

Make your own personalized photo pillows-

Start by printing a photo onto the photo transfer paper following the directions on the package.  Prior to printing, I edited the photo on my computer and saved it without decreasing the size of the photo.  If you decrease the size, the details in the photo may appear less clear when printed. is an excellent free site for editing photos where you can also add fonts and additional images.  

Make your own personalized photo pillows-2-

I measured and cut the cream fabric to fit the size of a pillow form I already had on hand leaving a small allowance around the edge for my seam.  

Make your own personalized photo pillows-3-

Then, I cut an old plaid shirt to the same size to use as the backing for my pillows.  Iron on the photo transfer to the cream fabric, then sew the two pieces together.  Make sure the sides you want to see are facing each other while you sew.  Leave enough room on the bottom side to add a pillow insert.  Once the pieces are sewn together, turn them right side out and fill them up.

Make your own personalized photo pillows-4-

If you do not have a pillow form, cut the cream fabric and plaid fabric to a size a bit larger than the photo (or really any size you like.)  Fill it full of fiberfill stuffing or enlist a small child to do the stuffing for you.  My 4-year old thought this was so fun!  Once the pillows were both full, I stitched the bottom seam.

Make your own personalized photo pillows-5-

Add the pillows to your holiday decor...leave them out all year...give them as a gift...totally up to you!  Any way you use them, they'll add a fun conversational piece to your decor!

Make your own personalized photo pillows-14-

If you liked this idea, you may be curious how I made the hanging Gallery Wall Board shown in these photos.  I bet you'll also love some of the other ideas in my Holiday Home Tour.  Hope you all are having a Happy Holiday Season!

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