By Kansas Living on December 2, 2021

Bloggers share reactions and recipes from Farm Food Tour

Participants who attended the 2021 Kansas Farm Bureau and Kansas Soybean Farm Food Tour share their reactions from their visits to farms and ranches in Kansas.

  • Tonya Denmark – Detail Oriented Traveler
    • A look inside agritourism!
    • "When we visit farms in other parts of the country or even other parts of the world, we can see just how far-reaching travels our food may take," Tonya writes.
  • Meagan Goepferich – Meagan Gets Real
    • Lesson plans on soybeans!
    • "Learning about soy and soybeans is important for those who want a better understanding of where their food comes from and why," Meagan writes.
  • Christina Hitchcock – It Is A Keeper
    • Get a delicious recipe using pork!
    • "Bio-security is a very big deal on pig farms," Christina writes. "Pig farmers have plans in place to keep their animals safe and prevent foreign animal diseases. In fact, we had to wear foot coverings while visiting the farm."
  • Ariel Johnston – The Tasty Balance
    • A dietitian answers the tough questions about agriculture!
    • ​"What I always find most impressive is the amount of technology and science that is going on in these fields, Ariel writes. "I had the chance to ride along in a combine and there were multiple screens displaying all sorts of information like how much the crop was yielding in real-time. The technology collected by the combines is downloaded for farmers to study and determine what seeds did well and if they need more fertilizer in a certain field. This helps them make decisions to increase yields and reduce costs in the years to come."
  • Mackenzie Ryan – Food Above Gold
    • Pork recipes and cooking tips!
    • "While decades ago it may have been common practice to feed the pigs “slop”, or raw meat garbage, there is now so much more care that goes into the feeding of the animals," Mackenzie writes.