By Chef Alli on May 26, 2021

5 Tips for Storing Cooking Oil

Oil in Pantry

Properly storing your cooking oil is the first step to cooking success. Here are some of Chef Alli’s tips for storing cooking oil in the pantry for good quality, freshness and flavor:  

1. Store-bought cooking oils are always best when kept in a cool, dark place in your pantry or cupboard. Be sure the lids are tightly closed to reduce exposure to oxygen.  

2. If you purchase your oil in bulk, try storing it in the basement (or wine cellar) where it’s always cool. Keep refillable small bottles of oil in your kitchen cupboard and refresh them as need be.  

3. To keep oils fresh for longer periods of time, try refrigerating the oil. Before cooking with the chilled oil, let it rest at room temperature for one or two hours (depending on the size of the bottle) to return it to its regular consistency.  

4. If you like to keep oil on your countertop for easy access, use dark-colored bottles to reduce exposure to sunlight and heat. Some cooks believe that displaying cooking oil on the counter is a culinary sin, because it can render the oil flavorless. A warm, sunny kitchen, as beautiful as it may be, can wreak havoc on your cooking oil.  

5. Avoid storing your cooking oil in copper or iron containers. Some oils may react to the metal container.  

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