By Chef Alli on October 14, 2019

28 Random Acts of Kindness

Ideas to Spread the Kindness

Yes, random acts of kindness do take some planning – they rarely just happen. But, because random acts of kindness are so rewarding, as well as very memorable for both the giver and the recipient, they are totally worthy of any sort of initiative we have to make. Below is a list of ideas to spread the kindness.

1. Help someone load their groceries into their vehicle, then return their cart to the cart corral for them.

2. Leave your favorite waitress an unexpected larger-than-usual gratuity after you dine. Won’t she be surprised! 

3. Let the lady with all the little kids go ahead of you at the grocery checkout. If you really want to make her day, pay for her groceries. 

4. Hide some dollar bills around the grocery store; put quarters down low for kids to find, too. Lots of folks will feel like they’ve hit the jackpot! 

5. If you see someone’s parking meter about to expire, add a few coins to extend their time. No citation!

6. When you’re in the hospital vending machine area, put in extra change for the next few people to get free snacks as they wait. 

7. Do some baking and deliver treats for the guys at the local fire department or sheriff’s office to say thank you.

8. Take your grandkids shopping for stuffed animals that they can help you deliver to the police station for kids in scary situations. 

9. Know a family who’s eating out when you are? Surprise them by paying for their dinner. Don’t forget to tip their waitress! 

10. Tape some cash to the gas pumps at a local convenience store. (Then watch from your car as they look around to see if it’s legit!) 

11. When you’re picking up your own layaway, make a payment on someone else’s layaway, or pay it off for them if you can.  

12. Pick up some flowers from your local grocer and make mini bouquets and deliver them to various nurses’ stations at your local hospital. The staff will know who really needs a lift. 

13. Anonymously purchase a special dessert for someone eating alone at your favorite restaurant. Have the waitress tell them “Surprise! Have a wonderful day.”

14. Visit an elderly person that you know, taking some cookies and coffee. They will love the treats, but more importantly, the time that you spend with them. There are no presents better than our presence!

15. Does the guy behind you at the coffee shop look like he’s having a rough day? Pay for his coffee and give him a nice smile as you leave. 

16. Volunteer your time by helping to serve meals at a local soup kitchen.

17. Leave some detergent and dryer sheets with some quarters at your local laundromat. 

18. Deliver dog treats, cat food, or make a cash donation to your local animal shelter so staff can purchase specifically what they need. 

19. Purchase some car wash gift cards and put them under windshield wipers on cars in the parking lot at the grocery store. 

20. Organize canned food drive at work then deliver all of it to the local food pantry. 

21. Make some freezer meals for a single mom or dad in your neighborhood. It will be a great way to get to know them better and they will think of you each time they bake one for their kiddos. 

22. Do you know any soldiers who have served our country? If they have small children, why not offer to babysit their kiddos for the evening so they can take their spouse out for a special date night? They will appreciate your acknowledgement AND a night out with just their spouse.

During the Holiday Season...

23. Take the family to the grocery store and work together to purchase the items needed to make a complete Thanksgiving dinner, then deliver it to a family you know that needs it. Just as your family enjoyed working together to get the ingredients, their family will enjoy working together to make a Thanksgiving meal. 

24.  At Christmas time, put candy canes on everyone’s desk at work, each one with a sticky note that tells them something you appreciate about them. 

25. If you suspect that someone you know is spending the holidays alone, invite them to your home for holiday dinner and board games afterwards.

26. Take a special baked treat along with hot cocoa to the Salvation Army bell ringer, then drop in some cash. 

27. Pick a few neighbors in your area and sing Christmas carols at their front door with your family. Before you leave, hand them a pan of frozen cinnamon rolls that they can bake fresh during the holidays. 

28. Know someone in your community who’s having a difficult time but doesn’t want to ask for help?  Anonymously deliver a Christmas care package from Santa to their door filled with groceries and supplies that can tide them over.

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