By Mandy Beyeler on August 1, 2017

Kids Craft: Crayon Vase

Crayon vase

It's that time of year. Back to school season is in full force!

crayon vase kids craft

Be sure to have the kiddos make a fun gift for their new teacher. One idea is this Crayon vase - they'll love making and giving it!

crayon can vase teacher gift

You'll need:

  • Empty can (ours was from peaches)
  • 3 crayon packs
  • Fun paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hairtie band

IMG_8527 copy

First, cut a strip of paper and glue it around the top of the can. It will need to be wide enough to cover the space that the crayons won't cover on the can. IMG_8043 copy

Put hairband on the bottom part of the can. You will use it to hold the crayons in place. IMG_8050 copy

Put a strip of glue on a crayon and place it on the can, under the hairband. IMG_8053 copy

Continue gluing and placing crayons until they go all the way round the can.

IMG_8058 copyIMG_8075 copy

Let dry. Then remove hairband. IMG_8069 copy

Fill the vase with a plant, cut flowers or even favorite candies. IMG_8073 copy

So fun! Makes a great teacher gift or fun container for desks at home. diy crayon vase teacher gift idea

Enjoy the project!

how to make your own crayon vase, teacher gift idea

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