By Mandy Beyeler on April 10, 2017

Craft into Spring

These Cupcake Liner Flowers brighten up any setting

bouquet of cupcake liner flowers

Spring is in the air! Craft time with the kiddos can embrace spring with these fun Cupcake Liner Flowers!

cupcake liner flowers kids craft

You'll need:

  • a variety of cupcake liners
  • paper straws
  • pipe cleaners in yellow and green
  • glue or hot glue (adult supervision)
  • scissors

The flowers are three layers of cupcake liners, so the first task is to decide which three liners you want to incorporate into your flower. The first layer is the back one, and stays as-is. The middle layer gets crumbled slighty, and the last layer is the center, and it gets crumbled fully. IMG_9272 copy

Layers will give the flowers dimension, as you can see below:

IMG_9275 copy  

Glue the layers together using a generous amount of glue. For the center of the flower, fold half a pipe cleaner into a zig zag and attach it to the inside of the center liner using hot glue.

IMG_9279 copy

The centers give a finished look to the flowers:

cupcake liner flowers copy

Attach the paper straw on the back with a generous amount of hot glue - the straw will be the stem of the flower. We used green pipe cleaners twisted in an oval shape to form leaves and wrapped them around the stem.

IMG_9278 copy

That's all there is to it! Your kiddos will enjoy making them by the bunch!

spring kids craft cupcake liner flower from Sugar Bee Crafts

It's a perfect idea for a Spring kids craft - so cute!!

cupcake liner flower spring craft for kids

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