By Mandy Beyeler on July 5, 2016

Kids Craft: Painted Sunflowers

When you think Kansas you inevitably think sunflowers - we all love them, and so of course the kids need to craft them!

painted sunflower

The kids will have tons of fun making and displaying their creations!

kid craft sunflower

You'll need:

  • cardstock paper
  • yellow and green paint
  • black or brown construction paper
  • black marker
  • empty toilet paper tube


First draw a circle with the marker by either tracing a cup or a can, or freehanding the circle. Then flatten one end of the toilet paper tube and crease the edges to create and oval. Dip the oval in yellow paint and stamp all the way around the circle to create outlines of petals.

toilet paper roll flower paint

You'll want the petals pretty close together, but if it's not perfect, no worries, it's all about the fun! 20160630_101445

Next up, fill in the outlines with yellow paint.

painted sunflower kids craft

After the petals are complete, fill the center with glue lines. Rip the construction paper into pieces and place them on the glued area.

paper sunflower kids craft

The paper squares add a fun texture to the project.

kids craft sunflower idea

Then you can use the green paint to freehand a stem - that's it!

kids craft paint a sunflower

Enjoy the project!!

kids craft painted sunflower

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