By Mandy Beyeler on January 14, 2016

Fingerpaint Snowglobes


I have a thing for snowglobes. We've modified this snowglobe craft (from Crafty Morning) to bring in one of my kiddos' favorites - fingerpainting! I think all kids love finger painting, and a snowman and snow is an easy shape for them to experiment with.

Supplies Needed:

--round object for tracing (tape roll)

--white paint

--blue paper, scraps of orange and black paper, colorful strip of cardstock

--black and brown paint pens or markers

--scissors, pens, buttons (optional), glue and glitter glue (optional)

IMG_6941 copy

First up, trace around something round. Kids are great at tracing! Once they have traced the circle, they can cut on that line to cut out a circle.

IMG_6942 copy

Next is the funnest part - finger painting. Dip a finger in the white paint and create a snowscene.

IMG_6944 copy

Add details - we cut out a nose, and hat, and glued on buttons.

IMG_6945 copy

In our house, no craft is complete without a little glitter glue ;)

IMG_6946 copy

--Use the markers to draw on arms and eyes.

IMG_6948 copy

Originally we planned on using a paper bathroom cup as the base, wrapped in cute paper...

IMG_6949 copy

But it turns out that the strip of cardstock will stand up on it's own, no paper cup needed. Glue the strip into a circle. Then if you slightly flatten the circle, you can see 2 sides - cut 1/2 long slits into each of those sides.

IMG_6950 copy

From the top looking down, you can see how the "globe" paper slides down those slits into the base.

IMG_6959 copy

That's it! Display and enjoy - your kiddos can make a whole collection!

IMG_6963 copy

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