By Chef Alli on June 30, 2020

Cold Soups

Stay cool with these chilled soup tips and recipes

woman eating cold soup

Cold soup, you say? What an absolute contradiction. After all, aren’t soups supposed to  be served nice and hot from a simmering pot on the stove?

Before you write off a bowl of refreshing chilled soup, keep in mind how delicious they can be when the temperatures soar and you need something quick and light. Plus, chilled soups are fantastically easy to whip up and make great use of seasonal vegetables. You know, the ones running out of your ears when the garden is at it’s peak?

Below are helpful tips for creating chilled soups in a flash, plus three of my favorite recipes. 

  1. Could soup must be served chilled. This sounds trite, but it’s very important. Refrigerate the chilled soup at least eight hours before serving. 
  2. Very ripened, in-season vegetables and fruits make the best chilled soups. Ripe homegrown tomatoes make wonderfully flavorful gazpacho just as those almost overly ripened peaches offer the sweetness needed for a full-flavored and fruity chilled soup.
  3. Because many cold soups should be served smooth in texture, a food processor is a must. To ensure the soup is perfectly smooth, process the ingredients in batches. This also keeps the food processor from becoming overfilled causing the soup to leak out. In a pinch, you can use a blender, but it will require working in quite a few small batches.
  4. Chilled soups made with fruits and vegetables that discolor when they are exposed to air, such as apples, avocados or potatoes, are best stored in the fridge with plastic wrap placed directly across the surface of the soup. This keeps oxygen from reaching the ingredients, preventing them from browning or discoloring. 
  5. Cold soups are a great way to eat all your veggies. They can be enjoyed served in a bowl, or right from a glass when you are on the go. I prefer to keep chilled soups stored in an air-tight pitcher so I can easily and quickly pour out just what I need for a refreshing summer pick me up. 

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