By Madeline Meier on February 10, 2020

Agriculture's Winning Role in the Super Bowl


Lots of Kansans are looking forward to the Super Bowl with good reason! Don't forget that without agriculture, Super Bowl just wouldn't be the same. Check out these agriculture facts below that are sure to make the highlight reel:

  • According to AgHires, it takes 22 head of cattle to create the estimated 120 balls in the Super Bowl. These animals are selected from feedlots in Iowa, Nebraska and even Kansas.
  • Since Super Bowl I in 1967, chicken wings have been a popular choice among Super Bowl fans everywhere. The USDA reported in 2018, an estimated 2 billion chicken wing portions would be consumed by the 106 million Super Bowl viewers. That’s 9 ½ wings per fan!
  • The National Pork Board claims roughly 10 million pounds of ribs are sold in the week leading up to the big game. Meanwhile, back in Kansas, The Kansas Pork Association continues to reach more than  4 million consumers with positive messages explaining how their hogs are raised humanely and updates consumers about what’s happening in the pork industry.
  • Super Bowl Sunday is America’s second biggest food consumption day behind Thanksgiving.