By Ariean Krieger on January 19, 2016

Window Watching

Use an old frame to showcase your favorite photos

Photo frame with old window

Hello Friends!  It's Ariean from OneKriegerChick visiting again to share a fun and easy home decor project using an old window.  I love displaying favorite photos around my photos, photos with memories, places we've been.  Sometimes it's fun to switch it up a bit... 

How to create Easy and Inexpensive Art in a Window Frame-

I definitely have a thing for black and white photography.  I love being able to group many photos together that may not look good together in color.  Plus, sometimes you may not like a photo at all in color, but love it in black and white.  For example, an impromptu family photo where no-one and white will tie it all together. For this project, I'm using a favorite photo of my little tractor that my grandparents-in-law gave me last summer.  Here's what it looks like in color.

Little Teal Tractor

Love, love it like this, but thought it would be a fun addition to the walls in my mudroom in a larger size.  Printing large color photos can get pretty pricey, but printing over-sized black and white photos is very inexpensive.  I ordered this print online as a black and white engineering print from Staples for only $1.99!  Wow, right!?  Let's get started on the project...

Supplies needed:

  • Old window (this is from the house I grew up in)
  • Over-sized black and white engineering print (from Staples)
  • packing tape
  • double sided tape (permanent)
  • butcher paper

Here's what the print looks like in an 18 x 24 size.

Easy and Inexpensive Art in a Window Frame

After trimming off all the white edges, the print fit perfectly in the window opening.

Easy and Inexpensive Art in a Window Frame 3-

I could have left it like that, but wanted each window pane filled separately.  I folded the print in half lengthwise. 

Easy and Inexpensive Art in a Window Frame 4-

You end up with two long strips.

Easy and Inexpensive Art in a Window Frame 6-

I divided each strip in three, drew a pencil line, then cut at each line.

Easy and Inexpensive Art in a Window Frame 8-

Each piece fit back into the frame like a puzzle.  If a piece is too large, just trim that edge down a bit.  I had to trim a couple pieces along the outside edge.

Easy and Inexpensive Art in a Window Frame 11-

Turn the frame over and carefully place each piece in it's correct spot.  Then, use clear packing tape to hold the paper pieces in place.  I chose clear packing tape because the paper is pretty thin and you cannot see the tape through it.  

Easy and Inexpensive Art in a Window Frame 12-

Once each piece of the print is taped into place, cut a piece of brown butcher paper or other light colored paper that will cover the entirety of the back of the frame.  Use permanent double sided tape to adhere the paper all around the back of the window frame.  This will help protect the print and keep any color or patterns from appearing through the print.

Easy and Inexpensive Art in a Window Frame 14-

All finished!  Add picture hangers and hang on a wall or lean on a table or mantel.  So many possibilities to the print you can frame!

Easy and Inexpensive Art in a Window Frame 21-   Easy and Inexpensive Art in a Window Frame 27-

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Love to have you stop by OneKriegerChick sometime or connect through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter. Hope you're all staying warm and enjoying a fabulous start to 2016!  

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